So Friday was a bit stressful for me at work. There is a lot going on and not everyone communicates very well (to be nicely put) so as soon as I was done at 4pm I went home. It was a perfect Autumn day so Wesley and I decided to go for a nice walk on the Massebesic Lake Trails down the street from our apartment.

After we got home from our nice walk, it was time to relax finally…..On Saturday I didn’t bring my camera with me because Tom, his dad and I just went shopping all day, and there was rain showers. We relaxed at home after all that running around. Sunday was a great day in Salem, MA with Tommy. We went to the Salem Witch Dungeon, Salem Witch Museum, and New England Pirate Museum. Unfortunately I really didn’t get any good pictures from Sunday but it was a whole lot of fun! While we were walking around the little fair I got a text from my friend Jill asking me to take Monday off for Columbus Day to go hang out with her in Portsmouth. So naturally I did ha, it was a great day. We ate brunch at The Friendly Toast, then walked around Portsmouth and even decided to go through Strawberry Banke for a tour. It was a great spur-of-the-moment idea!

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