Shauna Lynn McIntosh

“Always looking for inspiration in everything around me…”

Ello! I am Shauna McIntosh. I am an Artist, Graphic Designer and Photographer….in no particular order. As a Graduate with an Illustration and Commercial Design degree in Applied Sciences, I am skilled using many mediums. With more than 10 years of working experience as a Designer in many different environments, I adapt easily to changes, manage my time proficiently, and multi-task like a pro! There isn’t a design task that I haven’t been able to complete. I work consistently with my clients to ensure that the results are exactly what they need. Which brings me to point out that my communication skills are top notch! Quick to respond and ready to answer your questions. Design, Art and Photography is my passion… I absolutely love what I do.

I knew very early on that art was going to be my main focus in life. Always drawing, coming up with wild ideas, creating things by hand, and always letting my imagination take me places. My many hobbies let me continuously be creative in their own way. I have always had a love for Volkswagens (hence KREATIV which is creative in German). As a HUGE dog lover I am a mother to the cutest Boston Terrier named Wesley and the prettiest French Bulldog named Luna (adopted in 2011). I love adventures and walks with the dogs, anything exploring nature. My husband and I also attend many types of car shows, we have a profound interest in hot rods and gassers as well as the vintage air-cooled volkswagens and many others, those are just our favorites. I am also a movie buff and love watching my grandmothers movies (Priscilla Lane). She was an actress in the golden age of Hollywood, not a very well-known actress but starred alongside some big names like Cary Grant and Ronald Reagan. And I of course, I love photography…

Photography has always been in my life and in my family. It was probably in 2006 that I started realizing that it was something I wanted to pursue further as a career and not just as a hobby. So my grandmother gave me my grandfathers old SLR’s and my Dad bought me my first DSLR for Christmas that year. I currently shoot with a Canon 5D mark II and Canon 5D mark III. It is something that I love to do besides designing, I feel I can get very creative with it and it’s just amazing to me that I can capture these moments to keep forever.

You may view or download my resume here: Resume

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Why I Love What I Do…

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